Dear Josh, thank you for your honest and thought provoing emails. I am a big fan.

We started with 9 people – x4 adults and x5 children, no music, in a coffee shop in the centre of town. We are on our 5th venue.

If you are serious about growth MOVE. What is the church? Its the bunch of people who are in Koinonia fellowship together – not a building. Hire a hall in the middle of Salem and I guarantee God will fill it. Run tow nmeetings – one in your normal place one in Salem and I know which will grow fastest! Jesus went where the people were.

Run some English classes. Get people to buy some extra food which they bring on Sundays and give it away to anyone who is in need.

We have seen our congregation grow to 70+ in this way in the last 3 1/2 years ( and I’m frutrated by the slowness too).

Above all Listen to the Lord and do what He says. Not juest following the brightest new idea that is preached by someone with zero chucrh growth EXPERIENCE. That is why we respect you!!!!

Go for it and keep up the good work!!!

Pastor Tim Brown