The governor has just raised the limit on how many we can have in a service to 25%. That means we are back in business!

Who hoo!

25% is based on capacity, which I assume to be around 100—maybe slightly more. (We have had 100 in the auditorium for funerals and at that point it was pretty full.)

I am suggesting this Sunday we have two services: 9.30 and 11.00. I am thinking of just having video music this first week. We can talk about what we want to do going forward.

We are supposed to wear masks. If you don’t have one, Missy bought a few extra at Sam’s the other day. We will also have hand sanitizer.

Billy and Wayne put up part of the chairs and spread out the rest of them to allow for social distancing. If you come as family, feel free to move chairs around so your family can sit together.

We plan to sanitize between services.

In order to balance the two services, here is what I am suggesting. If you are accustomed to coming to Sunday School, come to the early service if possible.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

What am I missing?


Oh, one more thing. From watching social media and the news it is pretty clear that Americans are pretty divided over the response to Covid-19. I’d invite you to be the loving, gracious church you always are and be respectful of differing opinions. We don’t all see things alike.